A Look Inside My Classroom- Love Paint!

This is my hallway bulletin board, small but usable. I changed my color theme last year to blue/green and I am really loving it.
A Peek inside
I painted this wall green. It was the best thing I ever did. No more bulletin board paper!!
The blue and green squares are my word wall, just pieces of card stock laminated. Love this too.
This is simply a blue rectangle I painted on the wall. I will use this for important reminders, changes in pick ups for the day, etc. I also receive a few gifts/artwork that I display on this wall.
And of course, my personal favorite, my sentimental shelf where I house photos, personal gifts and this treasure given to me on the first day of school from a super special student!

LOVING Decorative Duct Tape

 Look how I turned an ugly, industrial looking white board into a cute one!  Would you believe my husband had this ugly thing hanging in our hallway?  Now I can take my duct tape to my classroom.  Watch out!


Nonfiction Text Feature Posters

I just made these and it was so much fun.  I cannot wait to use them-actually..I can wait as I enjoy these lovely days of summer that are flying by WAY TOO FAST!!


Art and Poetry

For Mothers Day, or Parents Day, the students make a flower after learning about Georgia O'Keefe.  We then weave our poems around the petals and present as gifts to our parents.  Last year, I had a parent come in to teach the students about Georgia O'Keefe.  The photo below hangs in my own dining room as it was made by my son in his teacher's second grade classroom, where the idea originated!!  Thanks to my wonderful colleague, Diane, I will now do this every year with my students.


Enjoy this FREEBIE. A bookmark containing questions based on text complexity. These have worked out great for my students!


FREE Until Saturday!! This is a fun project for President's Day. My students are excited about it. Enjoy!


I Love Graphics from the Pond!

Graphics From the Pond