Book Sharing THIS YEAR

This year is different in SOOOO many ways, but when one of your favorite things to do is to give out books....well, just when you think this year could not get any harder...How do we share our love of books when we can't share books?! This year, I created "sleepy bins" for my books returning from homes. We call it "giving the books a little rest time."


How Do I Assign One Google Slide at a Time?

Hello, Are you wondering what to do with these large digital packets? How do you assign one assignment at a time without driving yourself crazy? It is actually not as challenging as you might think. Just like Powerpoint and other docs we are used to working on, it is simply a matter of making a new copy, deleting what you do not need, and resaving it under a new name. Below, I have outlined the process in 5 easy steps! 

 STEP 1 Open the original Google Slides Doc.


STEP 2 Click "Make a Copy/Entire Presentation" and Save to Drive by clicking OK


STEP 3 Delete the Slides you do NOT want to assign by right-clicking each slide.


STEP 4 Click File/Rename to name the file of the slides you want to assign today.


STEP 5 You are all set! Now, you can share just one slide with your students!