How Do I Assign One Google Slide at a Time?

Hello, Are you wondering what to do with these large digital packets? How do you assign one assignment at a time without driving yourself crazy? It is actually not as challenging as you might think. Just like Powerpoint and other docs we are used to working on, it is simply a matter of making a new copy, deleting what you do not need, and resaving it under a new name. Below, I have outlined the process in 5 easy steps! 

 STEP 1 Open the original Google Slides Doc.


STEP 2 Click "Make a Copy/Entire Presentation" and Save to Drive by clicking OK


STEP 3 Delete the Slides you do NOT want to assign by right-clicking each slide.


STEP 4 Click File/Rename to name the file of the slides you want to assign today.


STEP 5 You are all set! Now, you can share just one slide with your students!